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The #100wikidays barnstar :)
(The #100wikidays barnstar :))
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|style="vertical-align: middle; direction:ltr; border-top: 1px solid gray;" | Dear Anahit,<br/><br/>With this small barnstar I would like to show you my respect and appreciation for your efforts and sleepless nights during your run of #100wikidays! Thank you for contributing free knowledge to Armenian Wikipedia in the frames of this self-challenge and for being part of our small crazy community :) I'd love to see you sticking around and repeating it! :) <br/><br/>Warm wishes from Bulgaria, [[Մասնակից:Spiritia|Spiritia]] ([[Մասնակցի քննարկում:Spiritia|քննարկում]]) 15:04, 26 Ապրիլի 2017 (UTC)