Partial subpage namesԽմբագրել

This template can also match on partial subpage names. Like this:

{{If pagename is
| /archiv* = Archive page text
| other = Other pages text

If on "User:Example/Archive 1" the code above will return this:

Archive page text

The parameter name "/some*" must be lower case. But it matches subpage names in both upper and lower case such as "User:Example/SomeThing" and "User:Example/something".

The partial matching only supports matching on 4, 6 and 8 characters. Thus using "/some*", "/someth*" and "/somethin*" works, but using "/som*" or "/somet*" doesn't work.

Longer patterns match first, thus if both "/somethin*" and "/some*" are defined, and the current page is "User:Example/Something", then the data from "/somethin*" will be used.