Usage խմբագրել

{{DisestcatCountry| YYY | Y | country [ | sort key [ | new name ]] }}


{{DisestcatCountry|199|3|the United States|United States}}


Change of country name խմբագրել

The optional 5th parameter sort key can also be used to override the country name in the parent category, "Disestablishments in 'X' by year".

This is useful where a country has changed its name, and the only parent category by year uses the new name.

As of September 2015 this is a new feature. Please leave a note at Template talk:EstcatCountry if you use this parameter, in case it changes.



The parent categories will be Category:Disestablishments in Myanmar by year, but still Category:1940s disestablishments in Burma.

Disambiguation խմբագրել

If the country name used in the category title is ambiguous, use the optional named dab parameter to link to the mainspace article about the country.


{{DisestcatCountry|194|6|Malaya|Malaya|dab=Malayan Union}}