Your bot edits խմբագրել

Dear JYBot. Thank you for contributing to Armenian Wikipedia. However I see that you make make bot edits without a bot flag. Please be sure, to have a bot flag before you make such edits, otherwise your bot will be temporary blocked. Regards. --vacio 10:36, 29 Ապրիլի 2012 (UTC)Պատասխանել[reply]

Hi, please pay attention to the message above. --vacio 20:25, 2 Մայիսի 2012 (UTC)Պատասխանել[reply]
Hi dear Vacio ,
Ok , I make a bot flag request.Thanks for your attention.Regards Javadyou (talk) 06:02, 3 Մայիսի 2012 (UTC)Պատասխանել[reply]
please give me the link of bot flag request Javadyou (talk) 06:07, 3 Մայիսի 2012 (UTC)Պատասխանել[reply]

Hi again, did you start a bot request here? --vacio 08:53, 13 Մայիսի 2012 (UTC)Պատասխանել[reply]

Hi,No I dont make it yet.I make it now.Regards Javadyou (talk) 08:58, 13 Մայիսի 2012 (UTC)Պատասխանել[reply]